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New Ways of Working: 2020 goals

My personal life has changed significantly in recent years, specifically with an increase in family responsibilities. This has meant I've had to try to fit my writing in around a lot of things that have felt more demanding. I have struggled to find balance and finally admitted to myself that I simply didn't have time to do all the things I needed to and wanted to. Not without falling into a screaming heap. Something had to give. I've made a commitment to reduce my work load. That was the only thing that had any flexibility in it. I'm not going to skimp on the attention my family needs. They always come first. This year, as a trial, I'll be working four days a week. I'm planning my day off to be focused solely on writing, and I'll factor in another half to one day over the weekend. My writing goals for 2020 reflect that optimistic plan. I have a LOT to do this year. 2020 GOALS

  1. Crit Kristen’s novel (end Jan 2020)

  2. Crit Reid’s novel (April 2020)

  3. Finish The Satin Bowerbird (end March 2020) - contemporary romance

  4. Finish Morrison and Mackenzie (end April 2020) - historical romance

  5. Finish The Spotted Dog (end June 2020) - cozy mystery

  6. Finish cover submission for The Satin Bowerbird (end February 2020)

  7. Source submission options for Morrison and Mackenzie and The Spotted Dog (May 2020)

  8. Submit Morrison and Mackenzie and/or The Spotted Dog (end June 2020)

  9. QWC course (pref. Year of the Edit if available or other editing options)

  10. NaNoEdMo (March)

  11. Camp NaNo (June/July) to 30000 words

  12. NaNoWriMo to 30000 words

  13. Finish Contact and edit (by end January 2021) - young adult fantasy

My weekly plan looks something like this:

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