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EE Montgomery writes both historical and contemporary romance novels.

These novels are available as E-Books.  

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Tangled Up in Blue novel by Fiona Greene, Danielle Birch and EE Montgomery


Tangled up in Blue is a group of three contemporary romances. They tell the stories of three sisters and their struggles to fulfil their grandmother's last wish while they find their way back to each other. Along the way they also find romance. Tangled up in Blue was published by Three Birds Publishing on 30 November 2020. Tangled up in Blue When the estranged Sinclair sisters meet in ailing Blue Ridge after the death of their grandmother, only one of them wants to stay. Blythe Sinclair’s dying wish—for them to work together to run the Satin Bowerbird Inn—throws their lives into chaos. Out of the Blue – Fiona Greene Commitment-phobe Katherine Sinclair started running after her parents’ death and she’s never stopped. But returning to Blue Ridge, and her teenage crush Rhett, awakens something deep inside her. Can she put down roots and use her time in town to make a difference: for the community, for the family and for herself? And if she does, will Rhett be a part of her future? Little Bird – Danielle Birch Corporate lawyer Edie Sinclair’s personal and professional life implode just as she returns to Blue Ridge to mourn her beloved grandmother. Suffocated by the misplaced blame over her parents’ death, Edie has to choose between staying to resolve the estate or returning to the city to straighten out her life. When Edie meets Will, a local sculptor, she’s instantly attracted to him, but a misunderstanding between them makes her question whether she can build a new life for herself in Blue Ridge. The Satin Bowerbird – EE Montgomery Holly Sinclair has finally found peace and security, living and working with her grandmother at the Satin Bowerbird Inn. Her grandmother’s unexpected death and the invasion of her estranged sisters rock Holly to her core. There’s only one person she can still trust, her best friend since high school. Turning to Morgan ignites Holly’s long-suppressed passion and she’s torn. Pursuing a relationship with Morgan puts their friendship at risk. Can she have it all? Or will she lose it all? As the sisters face unexpected challenges and expose long-buried family secrets, their grandmother’s legacy could force them apart forever. Or can Katherine, Edie and Holly learn to forgive each other and become a family once more?

Three Birds Publishing

30 November 2020

What About Him a long novella by EE Montgomery


What About Him is a long novella. There's a murder and a mystery, some romantic angst and some humor: There’s a snake in Aidan’s bed, but it’s not the kind he wants. A nest of snakes under his house heralds the kind of disruption that Aidan has been trying to avoid all his life and turns him into a hysterical mess. First he sleeps with his best friend, Baxter. Until their one-night-stand, Aidan was happy with his life and their friendship. Now he’s lonely and craves a relationship Baxter doesn’t want. Then Aidan meets Detective Sam Walters while consulting on a murder investigation and his dreams are suddenly invaded by a man who makes Aidan want to strip faster than an attack by green ants. Too bad Sam is straight. When snakes take over Aidan’s home and a gorgeous snake catcher comes to his rescue, Aidan’s confusion is complete. To add to the mess Aidan’s life has become, a man ends up dead on his living room floor, Baxter confesses to his murder, and calm, cheerful Sam yells at Aidan. It’s enough to make a quiet professor of sociology prefer the snakes.

Dreamspinner Press 

28 November 2012

In Another Life a short story by EE Montgomery


In Another Life is a short story originally published by Escape Publishing on 1 September 2013. The first edition is no longer available, but the second edition was published on 24 October 2019. A moving short story about finding yourself, fixing past mistakes, and forevers... When Eli was twenty-four, he thought he had it all: the job of his dreams, the man of his dreams, and a future that would last forever. But Mike had different plans, and he left Eli to follow them, breaking Eli's heart. Eight years later, Eli and Mike cross paths, but a personal tragedy in Eli's life ensures any chance they had to reconnect slips away. Eight years pass again, and Mike is back. Eli had finally started to hope that he could find happiness without Mike, but now he must make a decision: play it safe and risk living the rest of his life pining for the one man who made him feel whole, or risk everything on the hope that the third time is the charm.

2nd Edition

24 October 2019

Just Like a Date novella by EE Montgomery


Just Like a Date is a novella. #2 Just Life Series Rebel Nguyen and Daron Boroughs both need to be loved, but when Rebel looks at Daron to fill that role, it mangles their friendship. Rebel tries a clean break and meets Jeremy. They hit it off, but Rebel is preoccupied with might-have-beens. When Rebel doesn’t contact him for days, Daron feels lost. He decides he’ll never find love unless he can change, but the process of his makeover throws him into the arms of his last trick’s ex-boyfriend. Shockingly, they work together—until Daron inevitably screws it up. Rebel and Daron both need to learn that they don’t have to change themselves for love—just the way they look for it.

Dreamspinner Press 

11 July 2012

Just in Time long novella by EE Montgomery


Just in Time is a long novella. #3 Just Life Series Mark Mendelson’s life is close to perfect: he has good friends, a successful business, and a solid reputation in the jewelry industry. He fought hard to get what he has after nearly losing it all fifteen years ago, when his then boyfriend, Cole Porter, stole his designs. When a handsome man enters Mark’s store to request a commitment ring—a design Mark made specifically for Cole—Mark wants nothing to do with him. All he can think about is his rage at Cole’s betrayal, something he thought he’d dealt with long ago. But Mark’s would-be customer, Dr. Liam Watson, returns to the shop, thinking Mark might provide some answers. For years Liam has tried to convince his cousin Jon to leave Cole, who abuses him. As the relationship between Jon and Cole disintegrates, a fragile new one forms between Liam and Mark—but Mark can’t move on until he confronts Cole once and for all.

Dreamspinner Press

6 February 2013

Just The Way You Are novel by EE Montgomery


Just the Way You Are is a novel. #4 Just Life Series After ten years in an abusive relationship and a near-fatal knife wound, Jonathan Watson is finally free. Unused to being able to make even the smallest decision and smothered by family and well-meaning neighbors, he’s floundering in the real world. Jonathan is afraid of falling into another relationship too quickly and realizes he needs time to rediscover who he is before he attaches himself to another man. He never counted on meeting Ben Urquhart, though. Ben tempts Jonathan to forget everything and take a leap. For Ben, it's love at first sight, and he doesn't want to take it slow. He wants to build a life with Jonathan, free from harm and full of laughter. But before they can take the next step, they must protect Jonathan from his possessive, threatening ex. Jonathan must find the courage to confront him and break the chains of his past before he can be truly free to build a future with Ben.

Dreamspinner Press

17 April 2015

Shattered Lives story by EE Montgomery


Shattered Lives is a story about the ways in which people come back from devastating personal events in their lives. Published in the Queermance Anthology on 17 April 2015. Paul is a returned Vet suffering from PTSD and guilt from not saving his lover and his best friend in a bomb blast. His focus every day is on helping his team-mate, who was also injured in the blast, in his recovery. His life is an endless round of colourless routine that he expects to continue forever—or until he can no longer stand it. He doesn’t count on meeting bright, shiny Xavier, newly split from his unfaithful boyfriend and needing someone to care for him. It doesn’t matter that Paul can still feel Tristan’s hair against his skin or that Xavier cries out his ex’s name when they make love. Together, they piece together their shattered lives and craft the beginnings of a promising new start.

Queermance Anthology

17 April 2015

Just His Type short story by EE Montgomery


Just His Type is a short story. #1 Just Life Series Daron’s looking for a certain type: he loves tall, slim older men, and he’s sure one of them will be his one true love, even though he doesn’t truly believe he deserves it. His lack of confidence leads him to a series of meaningless encounters with strangers, convinced that eventually he’ll find a relationship to last a lifetime. His best friend and coworker, Rebel, offers Daron the only stable relationship he’s ever known. Rebel is younger than Daron and only slightly taller, so definitely not his type. Daron enjoys the time they spend together, but refuses to allow himself to think it could be anything more than friendship. He’s never bothered to consider what Rebel thinks….

Dreamspinner Press 

18 April 2012

Ordinary People novella by EE Montgomery


A contempory romance novella with cozy mystery elements. When Queensland Police Force Constable James Laramee raids a hotel room, he finds Vinnie Canterbury on top of a naked, dead man, covered in blood. Vinnie promptly vomits all over James’s shoes. Thanks to a cocktail of horse sedatives and Hendra vaccine, Vinnie’s memories of his ordeal are fractured. Finding the culprits and the reasons behind his abduction will be a challenge. With his apartment trashed, his building set on fire, and his clothes, phone and wallet gone, Vinnie needs a place to stay. To his surprise, James not only takes him in, but also lets him cry on his shoulder. It must be true love. Vinnie has plans for his future with James all mapped out, and he hopes he can get James on the same page.

Dreamspinner Press 

14 May 2014


Between Love and Honor by EE Montgomery


It’s 1914 and David looks up from his Post Office counter to see the man of his dreams. Carl is everything he’s ever wanted, but Australia has laws against ‘deviants’ and the two men must be circumspect. When World War I breaks out, Carl tries to enlist but is rejected. People see his delicate features and stature and assume he’s ‘less than a man’. He’s scorned for not doing his duty while David is applauded for serving his country at home. Public condemnation turns violent, and Carl and David are torn between love and honor.

Published by Dreamspinner Press 

23 November 2011

The Courage To Love by EE Montgomery


Sequel to Between Love and Honor In 1915, after his beloved Carl died from a vicious beating, David Harrison enlisted in the Army and went to war. He returns home to find a world seemingly unchanged, while he will never be the same. At Mrs. Gill’s boarding house, he meets Bernard Donnelly, a young man suffering the aftereffects of his own war experiences. David finds himself increasingly attracted to Bernard, but that terrifies him. He blames himself for Carl’s horrific death and fears he isn’t strong enough to lose another love to violence. Bernard needs David to help him face each day and find a way they can be together without stigma—and without putting them in legal and physical danger—but David clings to his idea that the only way to keep a lover safe is not to have one. His fears threaten to destroy everything, unless he learns that sometimes the risk is worth it and finds the courage to love.

Published by Dreamspinner Press

23 August 2013

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