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Slippery Footing

I cooked chicken tenderloins for dinner last night. I don't like handling meat of any kind but chicken is particularly slippery and slimy to me. I wash my hands multiple times just to get through the prep time. As I laid the tenderloins in the pan, it struck me they looked like mutated slugs.

Yep, I was going hungry if I continued down that slippery path.

Instead, I stopped thinking, cooked and ate, then went on line to find something more pleasant to think about than mutant slugs sliming everything.

I found this website:

That led me to this Facebook page:

And his shop site:

Mishchenko is a Ukrainian photography who takes amazing pictures of small things. His visual stories of snails are amazing. They look like such interesting and interested little creatures. I particularly like the one with the dew-laden umbrella.

I'm just sorry I can't share some of the photos because of copyright. They're well worth the visit to the sights, though.

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