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The Best Cheesecake

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

The cheesecake slice I made for Christmas at the Bowerbird was so popular I made it for new year's as well.

The recipe isn't my own. It's one I adapted The Milky Bar cheesecake is so decadent, it's no wonder they recommend tiny bite-sized pieces.

I didn't make the bite-sized pieces as the recipe recommended. I made it a cheesecake slice in two square slice tins. Then I made a cherry jelly and put it on top. I cut the slice into 2.5cm squares to serve. It's delicious.

I think Edie had more pieces than anyone else at our new year celebration. She really loves the sweets I make.

​Read our story in Tangled up in Blue.

White chocolate cheesecake with cherry topping recipe featured in EE Montgomery's Tangled up in Blue
White chocolate cheesecake with Cherry topping

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